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Eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure intended to improve the appearance of the eyelids. This procedure can rejuvenate the eyes by creating a well-rested, more youthful appearance. You may want to consider an eyelid surgery if you are experiencing the following:

  • Excess or hanging skin covering the fold of the upper eyelids
  • Loose skin hanging down from the upper eyes, covering your eyelashes
  • Upper or lower eyelids appear puffy, making you look tired
  • Deep grooves under your eyes
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What is an Upper Blepharoplasty?

With aging, undesirable skin and excess tissue accumulate in the upper eyelid. Heavier looking upper lids caused by increased fatty tissue become more noticeable with age. The extra skin and fat hide the normal upper lid crease that is associated with the youthful upper eyelid. During eyelid surgery, this excessive skin, fat, and muscle are removed. The result is a smoother upper eyelid with a well-defined crease. This procedure can be accomplished with limited anesthesia. Local anesthesia with or without a variety of sedation techniques provides for a comfortable experience. The position of this surgical scar in the crease makes it almost invisible with time. Recovery is relatively rapid. Discomfort is minimal, and analgesics are usually not needed after the first few days.

Do you need a Lower Blepharoplasty?

Aging results in changes in the appearance of the lower eyelids. Due to loosening of the supporting layers of the eyelid, the fatty tissue that normally surrounds the eye begins to bulge, producing bags under the eyes. “Bags” beneath the eyes normally develop with age but sometimes are seen in young adults. When seen in young adults this tends to be a familial trait.

Lower eyelid surgery is designed to improve the appearance of these imperfections. This procedure can restore a youthful shape to the lower eyelid by either removing the protruding fat or tightening the loosened eyelid layer that holds the fat.

Another characteristic of an aging lower eyelid is a deepening of the fold that sits between these “bags” and the cheek. This area is called the “tear trough” and tends to emphasize lower eyelid “bags”. It also accentuates the dark circles beneath the eyes. As this groove develops, it lengthens the distance between the eyelashes and the cheek causing the lower eyelid to seem long, while youthful lower eyelids appear short.

In an attempt to add volume to the “tear trough”, some of the same fat that is often removed during this procedure can be repositioned to fill the “tear trough”. A non-surgical option to improve the appearance of the lower lid is to fill the area of depression with filler agents. This is appropriate for those patients who have minimal “bags” but deeper “tear troughs”. We have been pleasantly surprised that the lifespan of the filler material when used for this purpose can be measured in years rather than the usual months.

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